SUMPRI Bamboo Cheese Board Set Charcuterie Board With Cutlery Set

I’m a man who loves my meat and cheese trays, so when I saw this Bamboo Cheese Board Set from Sumpri I imagined myself sitting in my chair digging in to some snacks while watching some of my favorite people on YouTube.

Sumpri did offer me a reduced price on this product for me to do a review of it, my review is my own though. I loved the smell of the glue still being on the board, it took me back to my wood shop days. At it’s core, it is a cutting board, but it has a trough routed along the edges of it’s face to hold your crackers.

It contains a drawer for the cutlery, which admittedly isn’t overly special, but it’s cute, neat, compact and functional. In today’s world functional and compact are the new elegant. Loving this, can’t wait until the next family gathering to be able to use it (granted, I’ve already sat in my chair enjoying meat/cheese snacks with this).