Finally got Google Analytics installed on site (backend)

I know this isn’t important for anything other than saves me time loading up multiple tabs. Today I delved deeper into Google Analytics and found my problem. It really was a simple problem, I just wasn’t looking at the right set of stats. What I found out, is that there are actually a few people searching me. To me this is wonderful news, now granted the majority of the hits to my site are still myself (mainly looking to see

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Moving up the ranks

Decided to check how far down my videos on the website were, if I typed ‘og grewell’ and selected the video tab.  Surprisingly, with very little SEO work, they start appearing on page 6.  Granted this isn’t a huge accomplishment, as I did type in my personal tag as the search, but it’ll give me something to keep an eye on. The things I do, when I’m bored and waiting on a video to process.  Completed 2 videos this evening,

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More work on the site

Played with the site again today, mainly dealing with the ads.  I had messed up last night and added about 200 ads to my homepage and for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how.  After sleeping on it, I was able to remedy that quickly. Believe I also got the site hooked up with google analytics, so I can see if the site is getting any views yet.  I cannot confirm that it’s working, since I’m not tracking my

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