More Videos on the Horizon

Decided to work in the yard for a bit when I got home today.  Then spent the evening putting a video together.  Evidently, I’ve been speeding up my videos the long way, found a nice, quick and easy way to do it, now it’s just a matter of click and apply.  No more hours slaving over tuning each and every video snippet to be the exact same speed as each other.

Currently, I have 2 videos uploaded, 3 waiting to be uploaded, 1 rendering and 2 waiting to be done.  Planning on doing some more recording later this week, as well as getting the rest of these videos done, uploaded, tagged and scheduled.

So far this spring/summer, I’ve stuck to the upload schedule that I set out for myself.  Thursday’s and Friday’s at 1600 hours, I’ve even been trying to keep the weeks videos in tune with each other.  So far so good, but I am going to have to break my trend soon, as I have two mismatched videos that need to go up.