Making Progress

Finally realized the obvious mistake I was making.  Finally was able to get the site “live”, and pages working as I intended them to work.  Was able to add my first link to a YouTube tool “Tube Buddy”.  This is a very powerful tool.

With the mind lapse behind me, I can move forward with a little confidence.  I’ll now be able to work on the 2 video’s I have planned for displaying under the Tube Buddy link, then decide what ‘tool’ to post next, or what page to work on next.

Probably should look at creating a dbase, just in case people want to reply to a post.  Generally speaking, databases haven’t been much of a problem for me in the past, but is has been about 10 years since I’ve dealt with this type of database.  I can visualize it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to refresh my old memory.