Cleaning out some videos

So with the changes I’m making in my life, it’s time to clean a little bit of house.  I selected a few video’s to be marked as ‘unlisted’, these will no longer show up on my YouTube channel, but they will remain viewable by anyone who has bookmarked them.  So far this has only cost me 100 views, but I do have a lot more work to do on this topic.  All in all, I’m guestimating 4K total views to be lost during this.

Sad thing is, I’m only 1k views away from obtaining 45k total views.  This will likely drop me to just under 40K total views.  How does this affect my channel?  Fairly drastically, I’m dropping roughly 10% of my total views, which will be a huge drop in how often YouTube suggests my content to others.

I did a similar action about a month ago, which took me from around 300 views/day down to around 100 views/day.  That action cost my channel dearly, not simply with the views/day drop, but more specifically with YouTube not serving my videos as often, which ultimately cause subscribers to become stagnant.  That said, my channel is still recovering from that action.

All said and done, I am still getting more views/day and better watch time than I was back in January, which is when I made some major changes that helped drastically to increase my channel growth.  I am on the verge of another breakout, where my channel will double it’s numbers before end of year.

With that in mind, this really isn’t the best time to be removing some videos and killing my total view count, as it will delay my next significant boost in channel growth.  I am fairly confident that the setback will only be short term though and I will be able to push through it with just a few extra video posts.  If I wait until after my next boost, then I’ll be shooting myself in the foot, cause it’ll cause a lot more damage to the channel then, than it will now.

Some of the damage will be mitigated by slightly increasing my uploads over the next couple months.  This seemed to work really well last year, in fact I did similar last summer and it was completely mitigated by this alone, but my channel was smaller then, so I am anticipating this to not be quite as effective this year.  The majority of it should be completely mitigated by reordering and reorganizing (playlists, and tags).  In fact, that is exactly how I plan to overcome this and slingshot myself further ahead than I have ever been.

This website still remains mostly under construction, as primarily a place to share my thoughts, until such a time that I can devote more time/money to it to get it to where I envision it.  Once I have it to my halfway point, I’ll push it on my videos, but I’ll need about 20 hours of actually sitting down and playing with it to get it to that point.  Of course, I’ll have to buy the SSL certificate at that point, then it’ll officially be launched.  The ‘host’ called me the other day, to inquire why I hadn’t taken the time to register it on search engines and offered assistance with doing that, I politely told them, I haven’t because I’m not ready yet.  Think I might schedule 2-3 hours a night to the website, after I push through the whole YouTube thing.