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Cleaning out some videos

So with the changes I’m making in my life, it’s time to clean a little bit of house.  I selected a few video’s to be marked as ‘unlisted’, these will no longer show up on my YouTube channel, but they will remain viewable by anyone who has bookmarked them.  So far this has only cost me 100 views, but I do have a lot more work to do on this topic.  All in all, I’m guestimating 4K total views to

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This weekend was a productive one

Shot a couple more videos over the weekend, displaying my new toy Kobalt 8 gallon portable, electric air compressor, also picked up Kobalt 2 in 1 air paint sprayer kit and Kobalt 18 piece accessory kit. Didn’t get a chance to use them yet, but I did open everything up and play with it all. Saturday, I attended my nephews graduation party, let me tell you, the Taco Bar was amazing!!!! Had a lot of fun, kicking back and relaxing

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Thursday’s Video

Thursday’s video, I’ll be taking the Southland Rear Tine Tiller  out for another pass on the Garden. Almost time to plant and I need to get this garden in shape. Just a little further to go and it’ll be ready for all the wonderful vegetables that Shannon is wanting to put in it. I believe she said she bought stakes for the tomato plants, and possibly bought some of the seeds for what she wants in it. I heard tale

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