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Year #2 of completely wasting my time getting a garden ready

So this is the 2nd year in a row that I completely wasted my time putting a garden in.  All the empty promises.  Get the logs out of the yard, you say? Get the garden straightened up, you say? Ok, done and done. I know, I’m a bit abrasive at times, but seriously what does one expect me to do when they go on and on and on and on and oh BTW, pick up the umbrella that was left

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View hit reductions are in

So after all the work yesterday, my daily views is only taking a hit of 15 views/day. I am satisfied with this, it’ll still let me increase my total views at a fairly reasonable rate and will hit 50K total views in about 2 months (assuming I upload on average 2.5 videos/week). At some point though, this will pick up again and be higher than it was before making those changes. I’ll go ahead and explain those changes, I removed

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Updated playlists and tags

Went ahead and took the time to add more playlists and update tags on the videos I moved into the playlists. This didn’t take as long as I had thought it would. Basically, I noticed a sharp drop in views after moving some of the videos earlier. I didn’t plan on having to do this part today, but at least it is done, for now. I still need to go back through some more videos and tag them again. This

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Number of views lost is tallied

Completed my first task with restructuring YouTube, roughly 4,400 total views lost.  At current view rates, this is 32 days worth of views.  That’s not accounting for YouTube algorithm for serving my videos.  I’m anticipating a 10% reduction to that, so instead of 31K impressions/month, I’m figuring this to drop to about 28K impressions/month, which equates out to about 2,200 views/month.  Effectively cutting my view gains in half, meaning 2 months until I get back to just shy of 45K

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