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The Old Goat takes the Plunge into Prime

The Old Goat got an email from Netflix about another rate hike, taking me to 12.99$ for the plan I’m on. I’m not a huge TV consumer, for what little I watch, this is just an outrageous rate hike for me. So off I go to explore the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership. Within a minute of signing up for the 30 day free trial, I’m jamming to 90’s alternative music and loving this one small benefit. A quick browse

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Updated Site a bit

A week and a half ago, I decided to update the site a bit. Mainly, I was tired of how slow it had gotten. Quite honestly 40 seconds for page load was just horrendous. Some serious mistakes were made in this process. First mistake was, I completely disregarded the notion of backing anything up before undertaking the project. The thought didn’t even cross my mind, until I was several steps in and had taken load time down to about 20

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Finally ordered a new Desktop computer

So I finally did it, I finally ordered a new desktop computer. Years ago, I had a rotation, on odd years I’d buy a new laptop and on even years I’d buy a new tower. This rotation went away after my sons accident, I just wasn’t gaming anymore (no one to game with), and no one to pass my older computer down to. I did manage to get a new laptop in 2015, wow was it really that long ago?

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Removed a few older videos

Today, I decided to remove some of the older videos that had less total views than my average view/video. This amounted to roughly 8 videos done in my first year of YouTubing. A few of them had 0 views, due to being marked private. Total view loss was less than 100, which isn’t a huge reduction in total views. My goal was to stop at 100 total views lost, but this was just impossible for me as a few of

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Doing a Job for a Friend

Had a friend offer to let me do a job for him and earn a few extra dollars. Of course I almost ran away when I got there and looked at the project, but he said he wasn’t in any hurry for it to be done. My kind of work, piddle around for a few hours, take my long breaks and not worry about what he wants to give me for it. It’s helping a friend out and personally I’ll

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Got a package in the mail

Today I got a package in the mail. I wonder what it is and who sent it. Oh wow, someone sent me a shirt with my logo on it. Ok, I’ll admit it, it was me. I’ve been looking for months to find myself some shirts and everywhere I looked they were were 30$, 40$, 50$. Even here locally they were wanting 60$-100$ to make my shirts for me. Surprised I didn’t try these guys first, I mean I have

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