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Got a package in the mail

Today I got a package in the mail. I wonder what it is and who sent it. Oh wow, someone sent me a shirt with my logo on it. Ok, I’ll admit it, it was me. I’ve been looking for months to find myself some shirts and everywhere I looked they were were 30$, 40$, 50$. Even here locally they were wanting 60$-100$ to make my shirts for me. Surprised I didn’t try these guys first, I mean I have

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Monet phone wallet!! I’m loving the idea

 If you’re like me, there’s three things you always take with you. Your keys, your phone and your wallet. This little phone wallet frees you of the later. Put your ID and a card in there and you’re set for travelling around town. Those are the only 2 things in my wallet that I ever need locally. Those nice people over at Monet, gave me this wallet for free. My phone is a few years old and the case

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Soweiek Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Review of the Soweiek solar powered bluetooth speaker. I received this a few weeks back and had an issue right off the bat, the speaker wouldn’t stay powered on. I got in touch with customer service and they identified the issue fairly quickly w/o any hassle. They advised it was a programming issue, so the speaker had to be returned, but they sent me a new one. So I can gladly say, their customer service was a pleasure to work

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Soweiek Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker

Check out my review of it: Got this little guy a few weeks ago, loving how well he fills my garage with music. Clear sound, sturdy body. Sure I’m not going to be rattling any windows with this guy, but that’s not what I want to be doing anyway, just loud enough to fill my space and not bother the neighbors. Probably going to have to buy another one for the shed, since I’m too lazy to carry it back

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