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Zinus Joesph Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

Brandy said it was high time we got a frame for the mattress. I’m more of a mattress on the floor kind of guy, but then she smacked some sense into me. Beaten and bruised, the frame was ordered and the Zinus Joesph Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame went together fairly easily, once I deciphered the instructions. The frame goes together super easy if you place the instructions in the trash and just put slide A into sleeve

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Sharpening Mower Blades

After 3(?) years, the Old Goat has finally decided to sharpen his mower blades. I know, I’m completely horrible, every year I tell myself that I’m going to sharpen them and every year I forget to. Not this year, this year I did it, I bought a Yost LV-4 Home Vice and a Smith’s Mower Blade Sharpener. Not exactly the combo I would have preferred, but a combo sure to fit any budget. I even sharpened my blade a bit,

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Water Queen Faucet Mount Water Filter

Brandy has wanted a water filter for awhile, after delaying this for months, I decided to finally make good on my promise to get one. I searched for awhile, until I found one that looked easy to install, had decent reviews, and didn’t break the bank. I settled on the Water Queen Faucet Mount Water Filter, and I’m glad I did. This water filter was super easy to install, minimal tools were needed to complete the process. A screwdriver to

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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Unboxing/First Brew

Coffee Pot DOWN!!!!!!! Send Help, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!! If ever there was a dire need to dial 911, this is what I would be screaming into the phone. I know, calling 911 is no joking matter, being that I’ve taken 911 calls. That said, this is more of a reason to call 911, than some of the calls I’ve taken. My Keurig went down, leaving me without coffee for days. Days of running the descaling function and days of continually being told

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