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Sumpri Sphere Ice Molds

Sumpri was kind enough to offer me a good discount on their Sphere Ice Molds, in exchange for me reviewing their product. That said, my opinion is my own. The spheres are pretty cool and work well at doing their job. The cloudiness was obviously just an issue with me ‘thinking’ I knew something. I don’t care if the ice is cloudy though, it gives it a ‘frosted’ look and I’m perfectly fine with that. Functionality of the ice, well

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Heyvalue Smart Power Strip

I’ve wanted a smart house for nearly 20 years now. That said, it’s past time for me to start working on at least my first smart plug the HeyValue Smart Power Strip and well…..get my first Echo Dot. After over a week of running this thing, I am absolutely loving it. Typical morning consists of ‘computer, turn monitor on’, then checking some morning things on the internet. Typical evening is ‘computer, turn speaker on’ followed by me catching up on

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Zinus Joesph Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame

Brandy said it was high time we got a frame for the mattress. I’m more of a mattress on the floor kind of guy, but then she smacked some sense into me. Beaten and bruised, the frame was ordered and the Zinus Joesph Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame went together fairly easily, once I deciphered the instructions. The frame goes together super easy if you place the instructions in the trash and just put slide A into sleeve

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