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SUMPRI Bamboo Cheese Board Set Charcuterie Board With Cutlery Set

I’m a man who loves my meat and cheese trays, so when I saw this Bamboo Cheese Board Set from Sumpri I imagined myself sitting in my chair digging in to some snacks while watching some of my favorite people on YouTube. Sumpri did offer me a reduced price on this product for me to do a review of it, my review is my own though. I loved the smell of the glue still being on the board, it took

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2wayz 30FT 3 Pack of Silicone Self Fusing Repair Tape

For years, I’ve put up with this leaky drain pipe. That sounds worse than it really is, it takes months to fill that bowl. Since Brandy is allergic to mold, decided it’s probably time to repair the leak. This is the first time I’ve used the Silicone Self Fusing Repair Tape and my first impression, was one of panic. I unrolled a little bit and neither side was sticky!!!!! After wrapping it a few times, I was relieved, it was

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How to put Google Play Store onto Amazon Tablet

I recently purchased my first Amazon tablet and was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t use it for my intended purpose. Okay maybe I misspoke, I can use it for my intended purpose, after I make a few minor alterations. Seriously, it’s as simple as downloading and installing the core files needed to use play store. Being that I’ve played with computers most of my life, I’m not scared to do a little trial and error. Yeah, I messed up

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Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Smores Scewers

Scored another great deal from Sumpri. Again they offered a reduced price in exchange for a product review. Opinions are my own. This time their Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and Smores Scewers. Made for a nice relaxing evening of marshmallow burning and stuffing the belly full of their goodness. Will have to use these for hot dogs soon.

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