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SUMPRI Bamboo Cheese Board Set Charcuterie Board With Cutlery Set

I’m a man who loves my meat and cheese trays, so when I saw this Bamboo Cheese Board Set from Sumpri I imagined myself sitting in my chair digging in to some snacks while watching some of my favorite people on YouTube. Sumpri did offer me a reduced price on this product for me to do a review of it, my review is my own though. I loved the smell of the glue still being on the board, it took

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Sumpri Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Smores Scewers

Scored another great deal from Sumpri. Again they offered a reduced price in exchange for a product review. Opinions are my own. This time their Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and Smores Scewers. Made for a nice relaxing evening of marshmallow burning and stuffing the belly full of their goodness. Will have to use these for hot dogs soon.

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Sumpri Sphere Ice Molds

Sumpri was kind enough to offer me a good discount on their Sphere Ice Molds, in exchange for me reviewing their product. That said, my opinion is my own. The spheres are pretty cool and work well at doing their job. The cloudiness was obviously just an issue with me ‘thinking’ I knew something. I don’t care if the ice is cloudy though, it gives it a ‘frosted’ look and I’m perfectly fine with that. Functionality of the ice, well

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Creathing Lab: Car Trash Can Hanging Bag

Creathing Lab was kind enough to give me a discount on their Car Trash can, Hanging Bag, in exchange for me to review the product, but all opinions are my own. I decided to go a little different route with this video, first explaining the problem, then unboxing and installing their solution. This product does appear sturdy, like it will hold up for several years of mild abuse (by that, I mean putting trash in to it). The inside appears

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Monet phone wallet!! I’m loving the idea

 If you’re like me, there’s three things you always take with you. Your keys, your phone and your wallet. This little phone wallet frees you of the later. Put your ID and a card in there and you’re set for travelling around town. Those are the only 2 things in my wallet that I ever need locally. Those nice people over at Monet, gave me this wallet for free. My phone is a few years old and the case

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