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Thursday’s Video

Thursday’s video, I’ll be taking the Southland Rear Tine Tiller  out for another pass on the Garden. Almost time to plant and I need to get this garden in shape. Just a little further to go and it’ll be ready for all the wonderful vegetables that Shannon is wanting to put in it. I believe she said she bought stakes for the tomato plants, and possibly bought some of the seeds for what she wants in it. I heard tale

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More Videos on the Horizon

Decided to work in the yard for a bit when I got home today.  Then spent the evening putting a video together.  Evidently, I’ve been speeding up my videos the long way, found a nice, quick and easy way to do it, now it’s just a matter of click and apply.  No more hours slaving over tuning each and every video snippet to be the exact same speed as each other. Currently, I have 2 videos uploaded, 3 waiting to

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Making Progress

Finally realized the obvious mistake I was making.  Finally was able to get the site “live”, and pages working as I intended them to work.  Was able to add my first link to a YouTube tool “Tube Buddy”.  This is a very powerful tool. With the mind lapse behind me, I can move forward with a little confidence.  I’ll now be able to work on the 2 video’s I have planned for displaying under the Tube Buddy link, then decide

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Welcome to O.G. Grewell

The ‘Old Goat’ decided to make his own website.  It’s been 20 years since I’ve done this, so let see how much I remember. My goal here is to showcase some of the ‘tools’ I utilize inside of YouTube along with placing some video’s with descriptions of how to use these ‘tools’. Also eventually, I’ll add in some “O.G. Approved” items, with playlists of those products in use. That is of course, if I can figure out how to make

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